IDS NXT offers you these possibilities

AI in action - directly on the camera

Machine learning enables image processing systems like IDS NXT to decide flexibly and independently.

Depending on how users train a neural network, it can, for example, recognise certain objects and draw conclusions from what it learns - such as assigning them to certain classes or classifying defect locations as an anomaly.

Count objects

Whether analysing bulk material or checking on a conveyor belt - using object recognition, previously trained objects can be located, identified and counted at fixed positions or freely in the image.

Check presence/absence

Are the blister packs filled correctly? And how many free parking spaces are actually available right now? Intelligent cameras keep a close eye on the presence and absence of items and provide you with answers.

Check OK/NOK

If you know which errors typically occur, you can use the IDS NXT system to perform a check for good (OK) or defective (NOK) - for example, when it comes to whether chocolates are packed correctly.

Categorise test points

Is a circuit board or a toolbox correctly assembled? Intelligent cameras carry out a quality check at predefined, constant points in the image, analysing different defect classes.

Detect anomalies

With the AI method "Anomaly Detection", you teach the IDS NXT system to detect deviations from the norm and thereby avoid subsequent faults - even if they are barely visible to the human eye.

Check quality

Whether in agriculture or in the laboratory: Intelligent cameras can help with the inspection and categorisation of objects and can, for example automate sorting and approval processes.

Can your project be solved with IDS NXT?

The all-in-one system offers a wide range of possibilities for the use of artificial intelligence and camera technology. You are welcome to use the expertise of the IDS team for planning. We will be happy to advise you on the possibilities and advantages for your next project.

You want to get started right away?

You want to try out IDS NXT and quickly get started? Then we recommend the IDS NXT Experience Kit. From camera to software licence, everything is included!