Environment and Smart Farming

How images and data are changing the agri-food sector

Being able to control processes more easily and design them more efficiently - these requirements also play an important role for agriculture and the food industry. Factors such as increasing demand from consumers, high standards regarding sustainability and security of supply, as well as the need to produce efficiently, come into direct conflict. Connected devices and automation are therefore becoming more and more prevalent in these sectors, too. Cameras play an important role here. They support from the optimal application of fertilisers to the visual monitoring of products and growth phases to the processing of food.

A key technology is artificial intelligence. Organic products with different shapes and colours are difficult to describe in the corset of standardised algorithms with which industrial cameras usually work. Anyone who wants to realise applications in which objects with a wide variety of characteristics - such as vegetables or fruit - are to be reliably recognised, cannot afford to ignore image processing with artificial intelligence. Intelligent systems for collecting and analysing information are also a valuable tool when it comes to detecting conditions, making decisions and triggering follow-up processes. Here you can see which applications and possibilities are available.